102: Vertically analysis of management anti-diabetic agents of 3201 patients with type 2 diabetes in Beijing communities: Beijing Community Diabetes Study-9

H.J. Fu, S.Y. Yuan, G.Wan, L.X. Zhu, M.X. Yuan, G.R. Yang
Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
Objective: To analyse the impact of anti-diabetic drugs adjustment on blood glucose through three years management of type2 diabetic patients.
Methods: 3201 patients with T2DM from 15 community health service Centres in Beijing were randomly selected. According to drugs adjustment, the patients were divided into four groups: 255(8.0%) added insulin, 641 (20.0%) added OHA, 1621 (50.6%)used the same hypoglycaemic drugs all the time and 684(21.4%) reduced anti-diabetic drugs during the management.
Results: HbA1c level in four groups respectively dropped from (8.3±1.9) %, (7.4±1.7) %, (6.8±1.3) %, (7.2±1.5) % to (7.5±1.5) % (p0.05); The rate of reaching target HbA1c goal was significantly higher in the group who added OHA than other 3 groups. The good BG control of 4 groups in different educational background (from low to high)were 63.2%, 65.7%, 72.0% respectively (pConclusions By management hypoglycaemic drugs actively, patients with T2DM showed significant improvement in HbA1c. Low-literacy and low-income groups were still the primary focus.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared