11 Standardized Tool For The Assessment Of Scientific Articles Expected To Be Published For Gp.

Thierry Van der Schueren, SSMG - Société Scientifique de Médecine Générale
Montesi E. - SSMG
Pineux L. - SSMG
Docquier B. - SSMG
Eeckeleers P. - SSMG
Beuken G. - SSMG
The Journal of General Practice is the most popular monthly medical magazine among French-speaking Belgian Practitioners. This magazine is the official publication of the Belgian Society of General Practitioners/Family Physicians.
The articles expected to be published must first be assessed by a reading committee composed of practising family physicians only. This committee is made up of nine of them coming from different cities and villages of Belgium. They meet twelve times each year.
From 1998, it appeared that it was necessary to have similar assessment criteria so as to structure the debates during the reading committee"s meetings.
An assessment scale was created and gradually improved to finally become a useful tool. The quality of the manuscript is assessed on the basis of its form (8 items are used to do so) and of its content (2 items). These items are all different and defined in the scale.
The interest and relevance of the manuscript in the field of general practice are assessed on the basis of 3 other items which are also defined in the scale.
At the end of the page, the scale suggests 5 different conclusions to ease the making of a decision.
Results and conclusion:
During the last five years, 158 articles have been submitted to assessment. The assessment scale is presented in details. Using this scale has allowed a more efficient work, as shown by the evolution of the statistical figures.
Standardized tool for the assessment of scientific articles expected to be published for GP.