110 Risk Factors And Coronary Arteriographic Findings

N. Varvarigos, E. Kamaradou, A. Kithreotis, A. Zafiropoulos, P. Mitropoulos, A. Platana, C. Galanis
Department of Cardiology, Veterans Army Hospital, Athens, Greece.
Coronary artery disease is the single most important disease entity in many countries in terms of both mortality and morbidity.
AIM of our study was to correlate the findings from coronary arteriographies with known risk factors for coronary artery disease.
We studied 204 adult patients (132 males-72 females) entering our Department from October 1998 until October 1999 in order to be treated with percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA). The patients had recent coronary arteriographies, the findings of which we evaluated. We also asked the patients for risk factors such smoking, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, increased cholesterol and family history.
All patients had coronary occlusions in one or two coronary arteries (this was the reason for undergoing PTCA), with predominant vessel the left anterior descending artery (LAD) which had occlusions in 79 patients. The incidence of occlusions in other arteries or their combinations were the following: left circumflex coronary artery (LCX): 66 patients, right coronary artery (RCA): 44, LAD+LCX: 6, LAD+RCA: 7, RCA+LCX : 2 patients. The total risk factors were the following: blood pressure: 80, high cholesterol: 78, diabetes mellitus: 45, family history: 97 and smoking: 101.Most of the patients (134) had two risk factors, 101 had 3 factors, 69 had 4 risk factors. There were 43 patients which had no risk factor. The incidence and the number of risk factors were not correlated statistically with either the extend and the severity of the occlusions, or the type and the number of coronary arteries involved.
Although the possibility is low, there are patients with coronary occlusions without risk factors. The extend and the number of occlusions, as well the type of coronary arteries involved are independent of the co-existing risk factors.
110 Risk Factors and Coronary Arteriographic Findings