1252 Is The Blood Pressure Measurement Registered In French General Practitioner Electronic Medical Record?

Didier Duhot - SFMG - French Society of General Practitioners – France
Gilles Hebbrecht - SFMG - French Society of General Practitioners – France
Bernard Gavid - SFMG - French Society of General Practitioners - France
Oral Communication
To evaluate data collection of blood pressure measures in general practice electronic medical record (eMR) in France in 2004.
Prospective descriptive study on data coming from a general practice network . GPs collected data ongoing and in real time in 2004 using standardize clinical definition for diseases and questionnaire for biometric data.
We analysed retrospectively the number of patients and consultations with blood pressure measurement registered for all and for hypertensive patients.
The 46 GP took care of 65,805 patients in 2004 (sex ratio 0.85) during 192,691 consultations or home visits. 11.5% of patients were presenting hypertension. For 40.4% of all patients GP registered at least one blood pressure in their eMR (from 12.6 for patients aged 2-9 years to 73.2% for patients aged 70-79 years).
For 83.6% of hypertensive patients GP registered at least once blood pressure a year in their eMR.
The analysis per GP of the average percentage of hypertensive patients with at least one collected blood pressure is 75.8% (±22.7%), the median value per GP is 89.3% [65.2% - 97.7%].
This number are minimal, because for "some" patients GP can forgot to register data, even if they take blood pressure. 51.3% of patients older than 20 years had at least one registered blood pressure in 2004, but only 61.5% of patients over 50 and only 83% of hypertensive patients. Those two last figures should be improved.
Is the blood pressure measurement registered in French general practitioner electronic medical record?