1500: A case report of thymoma in a young adult female

A.C. Coman, M.D. Graure, P. F. Molina Martinez, A. Canovan Ingles, R.M. Requena Ferrer, E. Pagan Dato, J. Flores Torrecillas, F. Guillen Cavas, E. Esparza Perez, P. Gea Fernandez
Cartagena Casco Antiguo Health Centre, Servicio Murciano de Salud, Cartagena, Spain
Objective: To describe a case of thymoma in a young woman
Methods: For the description of this case we used the patient’s medical history, clinical examination and diagnostic procedures.
Results: A 27-year-old woman consults for atypical chest pain ongoing for 3 weeks, with fatigue and sometimes heart palpitations during the last year. Also refers an increase of the left breast, with no masses, in the last year. Cardiac auscultation reveals an abnormal systolic sound. The rest of the physical examination is normal. The electrocardiogram is normal. A chest X-ray is performed which informs of a mediastinal mass. She is remitted to the hospital for investigation. The blood analysis, including tumour markers, is normal. Echocardiogram informs of moderate pericardial effusion. The mammography reveals benign changes (BI-RADS type 2). Breast ultrasound is normal. Thoracic computer tomography shows a mass of 87 x 93 x 66 mm in the anterior mediastinum which compresses the pulmonary artery, with a possible diagnostic of thymoma versus hygroma. She is remitted to the Thoracic Surgery Department to remove the tumour. After the intervention the patient recovers well, without any more symptoms.
Conclusions: The thymoma is a rare tumour, most likely diagnosed in persons between 30-40 years, but cases have been described at all ages. The symptoms are mostly caused by compression of the surrounding organs: superior vena cava syndrome, dysphagia, cough or chest pain. Surgery is the main treatment, sometimes with neo-adjuvant treatment, depending on its size.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared