1555: Challenges in the screening & treatment of substance abuse in the United States

J. David
New York Chapter, American Academy of Family Physicians, New York, United States
Presentation type: Oral Communication
There is a growing epidemic of alcohol and substance abuse facing family physicians in the United States. Opiate overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death. One of four deaths is also now attributed to drug addiction. The objectives of this oral presentation is to discuss the neurobiology of addiction, discuss the drugs commonly abused, give a review of effective screening techniques that can easily be utilized in an office-setting, and to compare evidence-based pharmacotherapy and alternative treatments available. There will a pictorial slide show of these drugs. 42% of alcoholics and substance abusers have concurrent mental health diagnoses and there are controversies when to start the treatment for their mental illness. The treatment recommendations will be discussed. Laws and regulations and current advocacy efforts to treat addictions will also be reviewed.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared