227 Experience In Screening For Glaucoma In Primary Health Care

Sagarra R, Cabré J, Ballester R, Simón O, García-Moya F, Méndez I
Aims: Glaucoma is characterized by ocular disorders in Intraocular Pressure (IOP) to reach levels of irreversible damage to the optic nerve fibres, with gradual loss of vision that can lead to blindness. Glaucoma is asymptomatic, so a proper monitoring of glaucoma requires a periodic inspection of both the state of the optic nerve and nerve fibre layer and visual fields. -Provide the primary care experience and outcomes when using the tonometer and retinography for detection of ocular lesions. -Reduce the waiting list at the service of ophthalmology, as well as reduce the time to advance the diagnosis of glaucoma and its treatment.
Materials and methods: Last year, the consulting unit of the camera Retinography non-mydriatic (CRNM) in Primary Care, has begun to record IOP. They have been reviewed 1920 patients from eight teams included in the screening of diabetes and/or glaucoma. The consultation carried out tonometry (measurement of intraocular pressure) and retinography (vision of fundus). Patients with elevated intraocular pressure (>21 mmHg) and alterations in the optic nerve are referred to another centre to complete the study with perimetry (visual field) and pachymetry (corneal thickness).
Results: From 1920 patient, we studied 146 patients (8%) with elevated IOP: glaucoma diagnosis in 18 (12%), ocular hypertension in 52 patients (36%) and 56 patients to new control (38%). They were derived 17 patients (12%) with glaucoma and 32 patients (22%) with ocular hypertension to referral hospital for treatment.
Conclusions: We achieved an internal circuit very accessible to the attention of patients derived from the Primary Health Care for CRNM unity, and this implies a rapid diagnosis of glaucoma screening by being carried out IOP and the corresponding retinographies. Likewise, we could reduce waiting lists and possible diagnosis delays.
Experience in screening for glaucoma in Primary Health Care