253: Outpatients‘ morbidity in Doboj region

B. Janjic, B. Kupresak, N. Janjic
1 Public Health Institute, Public Health Centre, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina; 2 Health insurance fund of RS, Health insurance fund, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina; 3 Family medicine, Primary health care centre of Banja Luka, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina;
Objective: Based on routine statistical data to view group of diseases in primary health care in Doboj region in the period from 2003 to 2007.
Methods: Retrospective analysis of data on morbidity in primary health care departments. We used the data of the Regional Institute for Health Protection of Doboj,collected in the form of activity reporting, organization and outpatients’ institutions. An overview was done using tables and graphs with appropriate statistical methods.
Results: The most common group of diseases in primary health care was a group of diseases of the digestive system (28.0-26.4%),followed by respiratory diseases (19.3 to 16.1%),and the third place are the factors that influence health status and the contact with health department. There is a shift in the cause of the disease,from fourth to third place because of cardiovascular diseases (since 2004).Morbidity due to diseases of urinary-genital system changed from 5 place (2003) to place 4 (2007).
Conclusion:There was an increase of 34.4% for diseases and conditions for which the patients increasingly reported in the primary health care Centres. This is conditioned by rising prevalence of diseases of the digestive system, which is higher by 26.7%, respiratory diseases are on the rise by 13.6%. Number of patients with diseases of the circulatory system increased by 88.2%, as well as diseases of urinary genital system by 76.6%.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared