324 Brief Alcohol Counselling In Primary Care

Jean Bernard Daeppen
Brief alcohol counselling was demonstrated to reduce alcohol use, binge drinking, alcohol-related accidents and health care costs. Major Preventive Services Task Forces
- including EUROPREV- recommend to include screening and brief alcohol counselling in routine primary care practice.
Aims of the workshop:
The organizers of this workshop are active in the promotion of the implementation of brief alcohol counselling in primary care. They want to share their experience in training health care professionals in brief alcohol counselling with GP and trainers from other health service settings. The workshop will offer the opportunity to each participant to learn and practice screening and brief alcohol counselling and discuss the applicability of the proposed strategy in their country and health service setting.
Methodology :
Using self-instruction scripts (a novel methodology) and role-play exercises participants will be introduced to a 6-step brief alcohol counselling strategy including: 1) start talking about alcohol, 2) screen at-risk drinkers using two questions, 3) give feedback about risks associated to alcohol use, 4) explore "pros" and "cons" of alcohol use, 5) monitor readiness to change using the readiness ruler, and 6) set a goal to reduce drinking level.
324 Brief Alcohol Counselling in Primary Care