Yang, Jin
Research Based
OBJECTIVE: Through popularizing the theories of General Family Medicine (GFM) • Meeting the needs of primary community health service capability. Up 2004 • achieving the targets of per ten thousand populations has 2 General Family Medical physicians (GFMP). Methodology • Using the health training centre of Hexi health bureau and co-operated with Tianjin medicine university • from 1997 to 1999? hold "GFMP lifts team"? 80 class hours? trained 196 physicians. In 2001 • trained and examined the basic theory for 435 GFMPs, nurses and technicians by the self-edit textbook • self-teaching, special topic tutorship and convergence examination. In 2002, co-operated with Tianjin medical specialized academy holding "GFMP occupational training course" • by using standard textbook of MOH • total 600 class hours • trained the 127 GFMP. In 2003, similar holding"nurse occupational training course" again. The teaching material was self-edit. Amount to 240 class hours • trained 124 nurses. RESULT: the examination of the district training centre • 196 GFMP acquired the completed course certificate of GFM. Passing the examination of Tianjin healthy bureau • 168 GFMP and 124 nurses acquired the certificate of occupation. Now • in Hexi healthy system, the capability of basically theory of training rate, the GFM awareness rate and duty with certificate rate were up to 100%.
CONCLUSION: In passed 3 years • by abidance GFM education with standardization and criterion • increasing the budget • the deploys target of GFMP has been achieved, the demand of community health serve has met. It were established a well base to progressing a new style health service system in the future.
Topic: Education/Teaching