358 Playing By The Rules: Quality And Integrity In Primary Care Research

Rachel Morley
Recent policy in England has recognised the need to build capacity in primary care R&D whilst at the same time ensuring high scientific and ethical standards. As part of this the UK Department of Health has recently released the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care. Similarly, the Royal College of General Practitioners has developed the Primary Care Research Team Assessment (PCRTA) scheme as a mechanism to recognise high quality research infrastructure within general practice. As well as providing a formative and developmental scheme, PCRTA will enable research teams to meet the standards required within the new governance framework.
Aims: To consider the development and implementation of the existing UK Research Governance Framework and the Primary Care Research Team Assessment scheme. To discuss the applicability and transferability of these models to primary care organisations across Europe.
Content: The workshop will use discussion and small group work to draw out the issues associated with quality and integrity in primary care research. It will utilise the experiences of the delegates to evaluate the usefulness of such systems in other parts of Europe. It is anticipated that participants will receive a copy of the PCRTA research standards.

Pre-existing knowledge: The workshop is aimed at both primary care professionals and policy makers involved in research. Participants will need to have a basic understanding of primary care research.
358 Playing by the Rules: Quality and Integrity in Primary Care Research