364 The Socio-Demographic Attributes Of Obese Individuals And The Evaluation Of Their Behaviour And Attitude Towards Obesity

Yuksel S , Aydo?an Ü, Akbulut H, Aydogdu A, Kucukdonmez O, Garipoglu G, Saglam K, Kutlu M
Aims: Obesity is a clinical state characterized by excessive fat deposition in body. Obesity prevalence has significantly increased particularly in the last 15-20 years. The prevalence in Europe according to Breghöfer at al is 28.3% among men and 36.5% among women. According to TURDEP a population-based study conducted in our country obesity prevalence has been determined as 22.3%, respectively 30% among women and 13% among men in our country. In our study we aimed to find out obese individual's knowledge and aspect of view concerning obesity.
Material and methods: Our study has been performed on overweight or obese 156 individuals who consulted to our endocrinology unit between January 2009 and April 2010. SPSS for windows version 15.00 was used for all the statistical calculations and analyses.
Results: 156 individuals 13 men and 146 women has been enrolled to our study. Average BMI was 35,40+/-4,35. The average age of individuals was 42,01+/-10,20. As we questioned the most causative factor; 49.7% (n=77) of the participants attributed their obesity to irregular, excessive or fast food nutritional habits, and 34.8% (n=54) to lack of physical activity together with fast food nutritioning. 42.6% (n=66) of participants were not doing regular physical exercises. And again 95.5% (n=149) of the participants were feeling uncomfortable with being overweight and 90.4% (n=141) of them were considering obesity as a disease. It was determined that 79.5% (n=124) of the subject lost weight and then regained.
Conclusions: Since obesity is a condition easy to diagnose but difficult and demanding to treat, it is essential to maintain a multidisciplinary approach to obesity treatment. In this treatment physician, psychologist, dietician and the patient should all act in unison. In our study %79.5 of the subjects stated that they previously lost weight through some methods but then regained weight. The fear for getting sick was the primary reason to want to lose weight.
The socio-demographic attributes of obese individuals and the evaluation of their behaviour and attitude towards obesity