Conio, Sebastiano
Oral Presentation
Research Based
A group of family doctors, working in Turin town from 1999 able to gathered medical data about the importance of the cholesterol in young people living in Turin and Province, Collecting the haematological parameters of lipid assessment. The recruitment is free, during the ambulatory presence of the young people. 100% requested to enter in the trial denominated picco-prima conoscenza colesterolo - first acknowledgement about cholesterol. The aim of the trial is to have the major number of young people, males and females, aged 20-30 years. Because, the authors are thinkings that to know the lipid assessment in this decennial of age, represent a very the authors are convinced that in young people with risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (family accident, life style, etc), it is possible to modify the possibility of the cardiovas disease. 1030 young people are enrolled to the present, a form preliminary shows the information about personal data, alimentary tendency, tobacco, alcohol, sport activities, job in a actually results are: 1037 enrolled. The 61% are females - (633) and 39% males (404). Mean age 26 years, mean weight 71 kg., important eater 42% (166) This data is important because normally the young man or woman are hypercholesterolaemic. The 96% olive oil consumer. The 54% alcohol (228), 78% a re coffee consumer (78%). But tobacco are about 62%. About family anamnesis the major risk factor is hypertension with the 30% (120) and the 21% (84) familial diabetes. The 17% have in the family a neoplastic disease, if we consider the 20-25 aged with total chol, under 180 mg/di the results are: 29% (300 equal to the 29%). On THR contrary people 20-25 aged with total. chol. over 180 mg/dL are the 21% (215).
Topic: Health Behaviour Change