Li. Tsai-Chung; Lee, Yih-Dar; Lin, Cheng-Chieh; Li, Chia-Ing
Oral Presentation
Research Based
OBJECTIVE: The most common problem for women's seeking medical attention is some disturbance in menstrual symptoms. The objective: of this research was to examine whether there were differences of the psychological and physiological menstrual symptoms among women with different personality characteristics.
METHODS: A cross-sectional study with self-administered questionnaires was performed among undergraduate freshmen female students in China Medical College. A structured questionnaire about the physical constitution, life style behaviours, personality, and menstrual symptoms related to menstrual function was administered. The personality characteristics measured were level of nervous temperament and variation in emotional mood.
RESULTS: Our results show that the mean age of our sample is 19.6 years old. The proportion of those who always or usually had irregular menstrual period is 34.1%. And about 30% of them had ever sought for medical care due to disturbance in menstrual symptoms. After taken adjusting for medication history for menstrual problem, age at first menstruation, and stress variable, score of nervous temperament is positively associated with number of menstrual symptoms and global severity index. For every one-point increase in score of nervous temperament, the number of total symptoms increases by 0.7 and the global severity index by 0.02.
SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION: Our study findings indicate that the nervous temperament is associated with more reported menstrual symptoms independent of levels of stress.
Topic: Women's Health