401 Treatment Of Osteoarthritis In Our Family Health Unit - Cycle (S) Of Quality

Silva S, Coelho I, Carvalho S, Pires C
Aims: Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common disease of joints, it is estimated that one third of adults aged between 25 and 74 years shows evidence of radiological OA in at least one joint. It is a chronic, multifactorial disease that leads to progressive functional disability and has ethical and economic importance. Treatment should be multidisciplinary and seek to improve functional and clinical mechanics but overall increase the quality of life. So, our aim is to evaluate and improve the quality of pain management in osteoarthritis in this Family Unit.
Material and methods: Dimension studied: scientific technical adequacy. Unit of study: All the patients diagnosed with OA that attended the USF, during January and February 2011. Data: medical electronic records Evaluation: internal Criteria: Indicators recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the book "Measuring General Practice - University of Manchester, 2003 Standards and Compliance criteria :> 60% sufficient,> 80% good.
Results: Clinical information of osteoarthritis patients who attended the USF during the first month of the year, were analysed to assess the need to propose corrective measures. Of the four parameters considered, only one had good quality. The remaining had insufficient quality, especially the prescription of paracetamol, ibuprofen as a first-line anti-inflammatory drug, and the proposal of orthopaedic surgery for patients with resistance or intolerance to medical therapy.
Conclusions: The standard of quality of the parameters evaluated was overall unsatisfactory. A review of this topic based on evidence was prepared and presented in a service meeting dated 01/27/2011. A reassessment of quality for the patients who attend the USF in February is scheduled, with further communication and interpretation of results in the service meeting in March, with a possible proposal of eventual corrective measures if the aims are not achieved.
Treatment of osteoarthritis in our Family Health Unit - Cycle (s) of quality