Hiramanek, Navaz
Oral Presentation
In my presentation I will cover the following aspects relating to general practice (GP) education and training in Australia: 1. The new competitive environment for GP education and training: In 2000 the Minister for Health announced a reform of GP education and training in Australia. The Commonwealth Government decided that national competition principles should be applied to the existing training arrangements and that a regional model should replace the monopoly of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in GP training. With Regional Training Providers (consortia) delivering training in defined geographical regions across the country. 2. The current GP training curriculum The GP training curriculum and assessments are based on the Domains of general practice: - ? Communication Skills and the Doctor - Patient relationship ? Applied Professional Knowledge and Skills ? Population Health and the Context of General Practice ? Professional and Ethical Role ? Organisational and Legal Dimensions Special categories of training include: - ? Rural training: ? Indigenous health training ? Academic and Research training 3. Personal perspective on GP training in Australia I will describe my experience of GP training with General Practice Education Australia (GPEA), the new company established by the RACGP in 2001, 4. Alternative pathways to vocational registration and new developments in GP training:There are a number of ways to become a general practitioner in Australia depending on your previous experience and education:- ? The RACGP exam ? Practice based assessment ? The Alternative pathway
Topic: Development of Family Practice Around the World