437 Process And Outcome Data From A Three Year Aggressive And Systematic Evidence-Based Programme For The Primary And Secondary Prevention Of Coronary Heart Disease

Mayur Lakhani
Process and Outcome data from a three year aggressive and systematic evidence-based programme for the primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease
Aims To report experience of running an aggressive and systematic CHD programme in a general practice in the UK
Design Application of national evidence based policies and clinical guidelines, the running of call and recall systems. Training of practice nurses in CHD and smoking cessation. Development of clinics
Methods Data collection by MIQUEST, repeated audits and QUERY in clinical computing system
Results 3 sets of completed audit cycles will be presented of secondary prevention of CHD. Smoking cessation intervention and prescribing data will be presented. Clinical coding policies will be displayed with templates. CHD prevention in diabetics and use of aspirin use be reported as will Prescribing data (including statins) and patient information
It is possible to run comprehensive programmes of CHD prevention in primary health care and to make demonstrable differences in audit measures. Positive and negative experiences will be described. However the process is very resource intensive.
437 Process and Outcome Data from a Three Year Aggressive and Systematic Evidence-based Programme for the Primary and Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease