440 Teaching And Researching

Stefano ALICE, Regione Liguria-Asl3
Oral Communication
We tried to develop research capacity in the trainees in General Practice of Liguria (Italy).
By a specific questionnaire, we studied the patients visited for musculoskeletal problems, in 10 Liguria teaching practices from 10.01.2003 to 01.31.2004.
The visited patients were 10042, those presenting musculoskeletal problems were the 10% (63% females); the aetiology of such problems was categorized: 48% degenerative; 23,9% inflammatory; 16,6% traumatic; 11,4% unidentified. The new diagnoses were the 37%. Those categorized degenerative were older (67,4ys vs 56ys; p=0,0006) and had a higher BMI (25,4+/-3,5; pConclusions
10% of the visit in Liguria GPs are due to musculoskeletal problems, mostly degenerative. The vocational training for GP registrars enjoyed this teaching and researching activity (high grading at feedback assessment) and this is a good achievement, because the importance of translational research is increasing, and so we must learn to research in the real world, General Practices first of all.
Teaching and researching