446 Acquaintance With Physicians

O. Göktas
Development of different kinds of skills are important for the family physician/general practitioner’s daily work. Among them we can consider clinical abilities, research capacity,etc...
Although family medicine is an universal discipline we can be sure that the way the problems are focused and handled are very different from one physician to another. These differences are not only based on cultural aspects that make important differences arising among countries. The background of a family physician when attending the clinic is based on a very broad amount of circumstances,from cultural to social and from the undergraduate training to the most recently developed continuous medical education. So,many different aspects have their particular influence on specific attitudes family physicians have with their daily work.
‘Acquaintance with Physicians’ is an organisation that tries to learn from different family physicians’ experiences. It main objective is to become a forum of exchange in which family physicians can learn from other colleagues experiences in their daily work. Learning from others will have an important impact on future development of new learned skills and attitudes.
446 Acquaintance with Physicians