446 Coordination In Health Are System

Nevenka Radosavljevic, DZ. Stari Grad Beograd
Prim.Dr. Janjusevic - Co Author
Our country is adopting a new approach and organization in General Medical practice in order to meet health development challenges.
The Health Centre that I work for is in the central zone of the capital city and it provides about 55000 citizens with health care service. It is organized in the following way:
* General Medical practice
* Children ward
* Maternal health service
* Investigation facilities:
Laboratory Services, Radio diagnosis Services: X -Ray, Ultra Sound.
* Specialist consultation service
Aim: to show diagnostic consulting procedures of general medicine practitioners
Methods: six -month analysis of diagnostic consulting procedures in the Health Centre.
Results: During 6-month period 16 244 patients were examined, and of them 1897 (11%) was sent to do laboratory analysis, 549 (3%) Ultrasound screening, and 431, that is 2,5%, X-Ray examination.
Consulting examinations are done in and out the Heath Centre:
* Internal Medicine doctors: 875 patients (5%) examined and 790 patients (4.8%) out.
* Ophthalmology: 579 patients (3.5%) examined
* Otolaryngology: 512 patients (3.15%) examined
* Physical Medicine doctor: 328 patients (2%) in and 50 (0.3%) out
* Neuropsychiatric doctor: 195 patients (1.2%) in and 198 (1.2%) out
* Surgery: 262 patients (1.6%) in and 247(1,5%)
* Inpatient treatment: 189 patients (1.15%)
* Morbidity cardiovascular disease need consulting examinations
* The possibility of pre-outpatient diagnostics rationally uses inpatient treatment of only 1.15%
* More Effectively use diagnostically procedure
* Permanent learning of the all healthcare providers
Coordination in Health are system