475 Smell The Flowers

M. Mathews
Mount Merrion, County Dublin
There is a saying that to stay happy in life we should take some time out to smell the flowers.
During some consultations here patients were often reminded to do this. In more recent past it became time to practise what was preached right here at the practice. The idea was very simple and quite inexpensive. Plants and flowers were purchased, also a few terracotta window boxes, some outside containers, and some inside vases, as shown in the photos. Soon after planting the plants and flowers obligingly bloomed and gave the surroundings a great dash of colour especially during summertime. The plants and flowers were changed seasonally. The maintenance was minimal, only a little watering, and a little plant nourishment from time to time. If a practise premises is seen by patients as inadequate or unattractive inside or outside it is also interpreted by them as an indirect reflection on themselves, and signals a Doctor's respect for them. With a little thought and a little effort the practice premises may contribute to the therapeutic effect on patients and be another source of help to their morale when they search for healing. In this high technology age we live in there is something naturally soothing about plants and flowers. This little project achieved a very positive and appreciative response from patients. It had a very uplifting effect on Patient and Doctor alike.
475 Smell the Flowers