493: Community medicine training for family medicine residents in Taiwan

Tang-Tat Chau 1, Huan-Cheng Chang2
1 Department Community Medicine, Taiwan Landseed Hospital, Peng-Jen, Taoyuan, Taiwan; 2 Department of Family Medicine, Taiwan Landseed Hospital, Peng-Jen, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Presentation type: Oral Communication
Objective: Sharing experiences of community Medicine training for residents in Taiwan.
Methods: 4-8 months community Medicine training is required in the three-year training program. The goals of training are to enable resident doctors to have the capabilities of providing holistic healthcare for individuals, families and community, integrating the community health care resources of primary health care, public health, preventive health care, and long-term care, as well as consolidating health workers and community workers to solve community health problems together and to narrow the gaps in health care. The training program includes : (1) Community health assessment, (2) Community oriented primary health care, (3) Management of community primary care and practice, (4) Utilization of community health resources, (5) Organization and operation of community health care network, (6) Community disease prevention and control, and (7) Environmental and occupational health. The training is achieved in accordance with the basic principles of the training content as well as coordinated implementation of clinical practice and teamwork.
Results: At present, approximately 150 resident doctors per year can be trained, accounting for 10-12% of the annual number of medical graduates. They are enabled to devote themselves community healthcare services after completing three years of training.
Conclusions: The scope of family physician is to take care of people in the community. To fulfil the capacities of holistic health-care for individuals, families and the community, a good training in community medicine that provides a comprehensive array of health care services within a community-based is required.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared