51 Undergraduate Family Medicine Teaching At The Aga Khan University (Aku) And Its Application To Primary Care In Pakistan

Raheem Dhanani
Context: The Aga Khan University in 1977 became the first private, autonomous, international university, committed to innovative, quality programmes addressing the unique health needs of the people of Pakistan. The University is at the leading edge of medical education, producing holistic, community oriented doctors, needs responsive, scientifically sound and cost effective. This is justified by the great majority of medical graduates in Pakistan entering general practice after graduation. AKU endeavours to maintain this objective through the undergraduate curriculum comprising at least 10% of Family medicine, mainly community-based.
We aim to produce competent, innovative doctors capable of functioning within financial constraints and social / cultural diversity. To this end, the curriculum is multidisciplinary, emphasising common problems in the context of family practice.
It is learner centred, institution and community based, combining opportunistic learning with education and comprehensive services to the underprivileged communities. Learning is furthered through planned tutorials on common ambulatory problems.
Formative assessment shared with the student assesses attitude, knowledge and skills during a clinical session; promotes self-evaluation and identification of learning needs. A mid-term feedback identifies the areas for improvements and an objectively structured clinical examination (OSCE) provides the summative assessment for practical performance at the end of phase.
Family Medicine undergraduate curriculum at AKU is active, problem and adult learner centred, collaborative, integrated, and interdisciplinary. It utilizes learning in small groups and operates in a clinical context, in order to produce competent doctors, capable of addressing the health needs of Pakistan.
51 Undergraduate Family Medicine Teaching at the Aga Khan University (AKU) and its Application to Primary Care in Pakistan