517 Hypertension In Patients With Recently Diagnosed Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Milovancevic S, Vukotic J, Bunjak L
In patients with diabetes, hypertension occurs in about 60- 80% of cases, whether as a consequence of impaired kidney function or as a result of changes in the hypertensive diseases.
Aim: of the work was to recognize, to isolate and to determine characteristics of hypertensive disease in the group of patients with recently diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2 /T2DM/.
Material and method: The study was epidemiological, in Health Centre Zvezdara, it lasted for 6 months. 95 patients with recently diagnosed T2DM /53 men and 42 women, age of 18-75/ were clinically proceeded. Patients visited they own general practice doctors. We followed their blood pressure /normal value - TA130/80/, glucose, electrocardiography /ECG/, fundus.
Results: We analysed the results and noticed that the hypertension was present in 64 patients /67.3%/ and more frequently in the age group over 55 years /59.7%/. Hypertension is diagnosed in all patients older than 65 years. In 50% of patients, hypertension lasts over 5 years. Only 6.4% of patients with hypertension have normal ECG, while 77% of them have left-ventricular hypertrophy. 79.6% has ischaemic changes of myocardial. 25.7 % of patients with hypertension has normal results on the fundus and 74.3% of them had changes on fundus /fundus hypertonic/. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and hypertension were found in 21.05% of patients, and there are no significant differences between the number of men and women. /pConclusion: Hypertension is very frequent disease at patients with diabetes. It appears as a complication or as the co morbid conditions. Difficulty of complications and their representation depend and correlate with values and length of hypertension. To prevent the complications, as much as possible, it is necessary to make the diagnosis on the time, regular review and effective treatment of arterial hypertension.
Hypertension in patients with recently diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2