54: Family APGAR as a tool for family function assessment in developing country: an experience in Thailand.

W. Rattananan1, 2, S. Chunharas3, U. Porntaveevut4
1 Former Family Medicine resident, Department of Family Medicine, Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand; 2 Neurological Sciences, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, Omaha, NE, United States; 3 Family Medicine, Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand; 4 Pharmacy, Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Introduction: Family APGAR Questionnaire was developed for measurement of family function. Usage of the test is limited due to insensitivity and uncertain specificity. However, Family APGAR is the shortest screening test (requires less than 5 minutes) and may be suitable for busy clinical setting in developing countries.
Objectives: To evaluate usage of the questionnaire in Thai population. The family function and possible related factors were analysed.
Methods: Cross sectional survey with systematic sampling. The questionnaire was translated to local language and evaluated for validity and reliability.
Results: The questionnaire had Cronbach's alpha of 0.73 and inter-item correlations ranging from 0.25-0.45. 388 subjects were included. Demographic data showed urban citizen attribute with mean score of 7.53 (95%CI 7.32-7.73). The scores were associated with occupations and education levels (pConclusions: The reliability of the questionnaire is rated fair. The family function is related to socio-economic factors. These findings are comparable to previous studies and represent a context of Thai community. Family APGAR may be a helpful screening test for family function in developing countries where clinics are usually busy. Further prospective study is needed to evaluate pattern of score change overtime, and whether serial measurements will provide more sensitivity than one-time testing.
Acknowledgement: The study was accepted by The Royal College of Family Physicians of Thailand in 2005. Use of Family APGAR Questionnaire in the study was considered fair use for education.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared