621: Detection of people with high risk on cardiometabolic disease and COPD: the Preventive Health Check in Dutch general practice

T. Drenthen, K. van Haaren
Prevention and Patient Education, Dutch College of GPs, Utrecht, Netherlands
Presentation type: Oral Communication
Objective: After a successful pilot in 16 practices, the Dutch College of GPs published an evidence based practice guideline for stepwise screening of cardiometabolic diseases (CVD, diabetes and kidney failure), followed by lifestyle advice and treatment: the Preventive Health Check. The national implementation started with the dissemination of educational materials for GPs (protocol, e-learning programme) and the public (website, questionnaire). In 2012 a new module on COPD, based upon the validated COPD risk assessment, was developed, including educational materials.
Methods: In a survey we evaluated the use of the materials, the experiences with the implementation in daily practice, and the reasons for not using yet the Preventive Consultation.
Results: 250 GPs ordered the educational materials on cardiometabolic diseases in 2011. 60% of the respondents (n=69) started with the preparation and execution of the preventive consultation on cardiometabolic diseases in their practice. The most important reasons for GPs who did not start with the implementation were: time constraints (40%) and lack of reimbursement (40%).
Within one month after the introduction, 220 GPs ordered the implementation materials on COPD. In 2013 we will carry out a survey among these GPs about the feasibility in practice. Data will be available at the congress.
Conclusions: GPs are very positive about the guideline on Preventive Consultation and the educational materials. The implementation is still limited, mainly because of lack of time and lack of reimbursement by health insurers for screening activities.

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared