72 Family Medicine And Sustainability

M. Bisconcin, G. Maso, M. Pucci, G. Filocamo
Quarto D'altino
Sustainability and sustainable development is the process which fulfils the necessities of the present generation without depriving the future ones of the same chance to satisfy their needs. Even if Family, Medicine wasn't involved in this interest since its arising, it appears evident that it's inevitably involved in this new aspect of contemporary culture. Sustainability is an important key of lecture for Economy and Architecture; Family Medicine up to now unaware active actor in this field, became conscious of its role. The capital which this generation is taking away to the future ones isn't only strictly material but, in particular, cultural, ethical and professional. Cultural, because our way of life tempts to impose the efficiency as a top value: efficiency in a complicated society means to create a lot of different functions and tasks too much restricted (specialisation?). In such way we're losing the global view looking at the particular. Ethical, because the greatest interest of Family Medicine is man inserted in his own environment, firstly his family. Professional, because Family Medicine takes its roots from scientific knowledge, technological applications, laws and rules, traditions, deontology, ethics and agreements between men; the Discipline must preserve its identity and its main feature that is an holistic approach to human being. In this context the areas in which a sustainable development shows to Family Medicine the pathway are: bioethics, evidence based medicine, patient's education, primary prevention, primary health care organisation and Family Medicine as Discipline itself. Knowledge, research and discussion about sustainability and sustainable development in Family Medicine are now only at "the gates of dawn."
72 Family Medicine and Sustainability