80 Library For Evidence Based Information, In Israel - The "golden Hour" Project

E. Berkovits, D. Netzer, A. Lear, T. Weinberger, D. Hermoni , S. Reis
Family Medicine Department, the B. Rapaport faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa,
With the fast changing medical knowledge, physicians need up-to-date reliable information to improve their decisions. The Internet, one of the fastest changing technologies, is a whole network of computers, recently accessible for use by all with approx. 150 million users in more than 80 countries, providing more than 100,000 "medical" websites. This huge amount of medical websites rises some problems about the quality of the information, lack of standards and lack of social equity. Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) provides an efficient solution. This novel approach actually combines the physician’s clinical experience with up-to-date reliable information easily accessible and available.
The Haifa Family Medicine Department in Israel has developed a conceptual framework for dissemination of the Internet as a daily tool for practising and teaching EBM, by the following activities:
A virtual medical library was established on the World Wide Web, providing accessible information on line, updated on a daily basis;
Implementation activities (lectures, workshops and conferences) were conducted.
To evaluate the impact of the implementation activities we compared the growing monthly number of hits in the website with the numbers of participants in the various implementation activities.
Results: there is a positive correlation between the number of participants in workshops and the number of hits for a term of months, while mass activities like lectures and conferences influence less the number of hits for the long term. In conclusion, there is a superiority of conducting more intensive education programs, which include practice, on how to use the Internet as a daily tool for medical information, than mass activities as lectures and conference presentations.
80 Library for Evidence Based Information, in Israel - the "Golden Hour" Project