91 Gp Trainees' Views On Hospital Vocational Training

BUIS J, ZUITHOFF P, PIETERS HM, Utrecht, The Netherlands. E-mail: buis@svuh.knmg.nl or: secretarlaat@svuh.knmg.nl
Aims: From September 1994, all GP trainees completing their vocational training in the Netherlands have been expected competence by means of one-year hospital training. The formerly two years vocational training period changed in a three year period: the first and last year in the practice of their GP trainers and the middle year in hospital. The objective of the hospital trainee framework is to complete GP's knowledge and technical skills in the specific clinical setting. After a disappointing start the hospital period (12 moths) changed in a briefer training period (9 months).
Design: The National Centre for Evaluation of Vocational Training for General Practice evaluated the quality of the GP training in 1998 (the old training) and 2000 (the new training).
Methods: The National Centre addressed a questionnaire (on Likert scales and report marks) to all GP trainees in both years.
Results: The response was 64% in 1998 (n= 135) and 46% in 2000 (n=73). In the new training there were more introductory programs. The quality and aims were a little higher, but not yet sufficient. There is a gap between the hospital and GP weekly training, and there are serious educational deficiencies in hospital posts.
The structure of hospital training should be reviewed as it does not reflect the most GP trainees. Individual goals need closer supervision and learning needs to ensure the availability of hospital training requirements.