936: Characteristics of people with diabetes in comparison with metabolic syndrome presence

S. Conic, M. Brkic, M. Stankovic, D. Melentijevic, J. Topalovic, J. Mitrovic
GP, Health Centre Cukarica, Belgrade, Serbia
Introduction :Metabolic syndrome (MS) represents coincidental existence of more metabolic disorders, and the dominant among them is insulin resistance. People with MS are at high risk of coming down with DM (Diabetes Mellitus).Aim of work was to examine correlation of blood pressure value and biochemical parameters in people with DM, in relation with MS presence.
Method of work: Research included 40 examinees with diabetes, and based on criterion for MS (IDF 2005.) they were divided in two groups. Anthropometric measurements (body weight -BW, BMI), blood pressure measurement (BP) and determination of biochemical parameters (glycaemia and lipid status) were done to all examinees. Correlation of parameters among groups was tested.
Discussion and results: Research included 40 examinees with diabetes:16 males and 24 females. In relation with MS presence, examinees were divided in two groups:Group I(DM with MS)-21 people and Group II(DM without MS)-19 people. Average age was 57±9.63 in Group I, and 60.0±8.22 in Group II Average Bps (Systolic blood pressure) and BPd (Diastolic blood pressure) were also higher in Group I, BPd statistically significantly higher; BPs-139.76±15.53: BPd-87.62±8.16.Glycaemia values were not significantly different among groups. Average value of total cholesterol in group I: 7.25±1.21 (p≤0.001);Average value of LDL-cholesterol was higher in group with MS(4.60±1.05) and triglycerides(3.93±3.23), as well. HDL cholesterol was higher in group without MS (1.33±0.37), but without any statistical significance.
Conclusion: Obesity, BPd, as well as the pathological values of triglyceride and LDL cholesterol are lot more common at examnees DM with MS. BPs and HDL-cholesterol were not significantly different at people with DM, regardless of MS presence. Key words: diabetes, metabolic syndrome

Disclosure: No conflict of interest declared