94 Effectiveness Of Incorporating Tai Chi In Pulmonary Rehabilitation For Copd Patients In Primary Health Care

Ng L, Tang R, Chiang L, Lau YC, Fung L
Hong Kong
Aim: Patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may develop low self-efficacy due to lung function impairment leading to activity avoidance or restriction. Patient's self-efficacy can be increased through practical experience and exercise reconditioning. As Tai Chi had been suggested to be a better adhered and tolerated form of exercise for COPD patients, it is hypothesized that pulmonary rehabilitation incorporating Tai chi to empower self-efficacy and exercise adherence should be able to improve their health outcomes.
Method: 170 subjects with mild to moderate COPD from two General Outpatient Clinics in Hong Kong will be randomised into Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (PRP) group or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program with Tai Chi (PRP + Tai Chi) group. 12 sessions of structured pulmonary rehabilitation programs will be conducted for both groups lasting about 1hr per session. For the PRP + Tai Chi group, the exercise content is totally identical to the PRP group except rest for the Tai Chi group is shortened and 15 minutes of 5 forms of Suen Style of Tai Chi exercises will be added. Baseline and regular assessment at 2 month and 6 month interval will be done by using spirometer, 6 Minutes Walking Distance Test (6MWD), COPD Self Efficacy Scale (CSES), Self-Efficacy for Managing Shortness of Breath (SEMSOB) and St. George Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ). The primary outcome measure is CSES and SGRQ while the secondary outcome measures are 6MWD and SEMSOB.
Result: Based on pilot study involving 11 subjects, the mean walking distance increases by 53 feet (P = 0.035) and 68.8 feet (P = 0.048) for PRP group and PRP + Tai Chi group respectively. Measurements of lung function, self-efficacy and quality of life have not shown significant findings yet.
Conclusion: Participants of this preliminary study have shown improvement in exercise capacity just after intervention. It is expecting to see other measurement outcomes after completion of whole study.
Effectiveness of incorporating tai chi in pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD patients in primary health care