95 Patient Satisfaction With Primary Health Care Services In Bahrain

F.A. Amin
Primary Health Care Centres in Bahrain
Satisfied patients are more likely to participate in their own care and cooperate with their health care providers by disclosing important needed medical information. Thus, measuring patient satisfaction with primary care services would be, the first step in the process of promoting health care services which would lead to better health status in the community. This study was aimed to identify factors perceived by patient to affect their satisfaction, to find out whether demographic factors of doctors affect patient satisfaction, and to find out whether demographic factors of the patients affect patient’s perception of quality of health services.
Methods: A sample of national individuals attending primary health care centres aged 20 to 60 years old was obtain from four randomly selected health centres. Information was obtained using structures questionnaire designed for this study, during face to face interview. Data obtained included: measures of patient satisfaction; socio-demographic characteristics of physicians and health centres. Data were analysed using SPSS computer packages.
Results: The sample included 404 persons; of these 60% were women. Most patients (62%) reported spending less than five minutes with treating physician. The satisfaction with services provided was generally high for both sexes. However, patients were satisfied with respect and courtesy shown by their treating physician, but they were less satisfied with physician’s explanation about their health status.
Patients satisfaction with services provided by primary health care centres is high. However, patients were dissatisfied with shortness of allocated time for physician’s consultation. And lack of explanation about nature of their illness. Patient preferred to be seen by the same physician during each subsequently following visit and women, in particular, preferred to be seen by female physician. The Ministry of health should consider these patient views for any improvement future plan
95 Patient Satisfaction with Primary Health Care Services in Bahrain