966 The European General Practice Research Network (Egprn): Capacity Building Through Courses, Workshops And Meetings-What's In It For You?

Pawlikowska T
United Kingdom
Aims: This will provide an overview of the European General Practice Research Network EGPRN activity, focusing on EGPRN research activity : courses, workshops and meetings. Demonstrating how the organisation can actively support research in family medicine locally.
Material and methods: EGPRN's main aims are to promote and stimulate research in general practice and primary care, to initiate and coordinate multinational research projects, and to exchange research experiences and by doing so to develop a valid international base for general practice. These aims are pursued by - organisation of international workshops, - learning from other research experiences in Europe through international networking, - stimulating research in and for general practice in Europe through the development of common definitions and relevant research, - conducting international research courses, - supporting the development of research projects.
Results: We will demonstrate how local needs assessment has led to the development of research courses in a variety of European countries and circumstances. In particular we will discuss how this has supported GPs to develop locally relevant research and supported capacity building.
Conclusions: We will conclude with an open discussion of facilitators and barriers to GP research and reflection on how EGPRN can help.
The European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN): capacity building through courses, workshops and meetings-what's in it for you?