987 (Wo) Low Back Pain: Back School In Our Daily Practice

J.M. Bueno-Ortiz1,3, F. Kovacs (2,3), M. Gestoso (2,3), J.J. Ant¢n- µlvarez1, L. G lvez-Alcaraz1, V. Gavara-Palomar1, T. Dedeu1
1Physical Activity Working Group, Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC), portaferrissa,
2Fundaci¢n Kovacs, P§ Mallorca,
3Spanish COTS . B13 Working Group, Spain
Low back pain (LBP) is, after respiratory infections, the most frequent cause of consultation in primary health care. It is one of the most common causes of sick leave (some authors consider it one of the epidemics of the XX century) and produces a great burden of socio-sanitary resources consumption. Family doctors (FD) should know what the evidence-based management of LBP is. Multidisciplinary and multinational evidence-based Guidelines for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic LBP have been recently issued by a European project launched by the European Commission (the .COST B13 Action.). In Spain and other countries, multidisciplinary national Working Groups are currently adapting COST B13 guidelines to their own setting. As recommended by those COST B13 guidelines, the prevention and treatment of chronic LBP should be multidisciplinary and include exercise and health education focusing on active management. GOALS: 1. FD should acquaint with the COST B13 LBP guidelines 2. FD should to learn the possibilities of therapeutical exercises (TE) and postural hygiene (PH) to their patients with LBP 3. FD should acquaint with the abilities to help the patient to learn and carry out TE and PH as part of his treatment 4. Change the attitudes of the FD about the possibilities of TE and PH prescription in their daily work 5. FD should learn a series of easy exercises (for their own benefit) to be carried out during their surgery and at home
Interactive. Each FM will have a facilitator. Role playing followed by group discussion of LBP tackling in daily consultation. All TE and PH recommended for the patient will performed by the FD supervised by the facilitator.