Shah RK
Nepal Medical College, Jorpati, KATHMANDU, NEPAL
With the main objective of providing basic working knowledge and skill of ‘Primary Orthopaedic & Trauma Care’ to the available health workers in the villages for the management of common conditions and recognition of common complications arising from simple conditions for the prevention of physical disability, a specially designed training program was launched in 1994. Since last 6 years Orthopaedic & Trauma Foundation, Nepal with support from WOC-UK has been organizing Orthopaedic & Trauma Training/Workshops in Nepalganj and Janakpur regions of Nepal for village Health Personnel i.e. Health Assistants (HA), Aux. Health Workers (AHW) and Rural Practitioners (RP). Every year in March and November we conducted week-long Orthopaedic Training/Workshops for 20-42 participants (total 387 in 6 years), who were selected from the volunteering applicants (HA/AHW/RP) in response to the advertisement in the national daily newspapers. The trainers/teachers involved in the program were selected from the available Orthopaedic and Paramedic personnel. The subjects covered were Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Basic Splinting Techniques, First Aid, Management of Common Injuries, Basic Knowledge of Serious Injuries and recognition and primary care of Common Complications. The teaching/training techniques used were AV Aids, Lectures and Practical Demonstrations of splints and plaster techniques. The pre-test and post-test were taken to evaluate the efficacy of the program. The final usefulness has been assessed by the reply to the questionnaires from the participants and on the spot visits by experts. At least 80% of the participants showed significant improvement in working skills after the completion of the training workshop. Thus, such training workshop might be considered effective in improving the working skill of the rural health workers in Nepal and therefore, it is recommended to be adapted for wider application.