Applications to the Montegut Global Scholars Program

The Montegut Global Scholars Program (MGSP) was established by the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation in April 2010. It was named in honour of Alain Montegut, M.D., a member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Family Medicine from 2006-2010 and whose career has been devoted to developing high quality family medicine practice internationally, especially in underserved and/or undeveloped countries. 

The MGSP was established to foster international education, research and collaboration in the specialty of family medicine. 

The MGSP will provide a $3,000 scholarship for the selectee from each region to attend the world conference of WONCA in 2013. The selected scholars are expected to devote the entire amount funded toward expenses related to attending the WONCA meeting for which s/he is chosen. 

Should additional funding be necessary for a selectee to attend any of the aforementioned meetings, the individual or his/her regional WONCA shall be responsible for the balance. Checks will be cut to the respective regional WONCA treasurer/financial officer for distribution to the scholar. 

Once the Montegut Global Scholar’s travel to a meeting is complete, the respective regional WONCA office will be required to submit a financial report to the ABFM-F that will account for the disbursements for the scholarship to the respective scholars. 

The selection of a scholar from each region will be processed and determined by the WONCA officers for their respective region. The ABFM will be involved in the final review and approval of the scholars.

The person chosen for the scholarship must be a family physician/general practitioner in good professional standing. It is suggested that the selectee be a physician involved with education, research and/or committed to improving the quality of family medicine care in his/her region. Furthermore, the selectee chosen should be a person whom under ordinary circumstances would not have the financial means to attend the referenced meeting, and is not part of the WONCA leadership in his/her region. 

In return for the scholarship, each scholar is required to submit a brief report (in English) within sixty (60) days after returning from the meeting, including “Lessons Learned” and two (2) or three (3) action items for implementation in his/her region based on attending the meeting. Five to sixth months after the meeting the scholar should submit a supplemental report on the process of implementation of the action items. 

The above is an excerpt from the full text of the Montegut Global Scholars Program. 

Wonca Europe invites applications for the WONCA Prague 2013 Conference. One (1) family physician can be selected to receive the $ 3.000 scholarship. 

Applicants should read the full text of the MGSP and use the Application Form, both available on the WONCA Europe website. 

Applications have to be received by March 15, 2013 at Tony Mathie, president Wonca Europe and Barbara Toplek, secretariat WONCA Europe

Applicants will receive a reaction by March 31st 2013.

Job FM Metsemakers
Wonca Europe Honorary Secretary