Ar03.03 Nutrient Therapy In The Treatment Of Depression

E. V. O`Flaherty;
Gleneagle Medical Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.
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Mental health problems are due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Common sense would suggest that we should fix them by getting the biochemistry right. Thus for example I treat depression initially with medication but I immediately set in train a whole series of tests to find out what is wrong so that in many cases I can get them off medication after several months. They are likely to remain well if they persist with their nutrients- individualised doses of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids.
I read the side effects of an SSRI recently in the leaflet that came with it and it mentioned 105. Nutrients have very few side effects , although high doses are often necessary. Good effects I often see are actual joy in many patients, improvement in libido and a marked improvement in self-esteem. My aim is to set many of them free within six months so that they can live a normal fulfilled life. I reckon I am saving the health service in my country several millions Euros every year.
This work was started by a Canadian psychiatrist, Dr Abram Hoffer and later developed by Americans Dr Carl Pfeiffer MD PhD and Dr William Walsh PhD.
Dr Walsh has spread the knowledge to doctors in several countries and I myself attended the week-long course in Sydney in 2006. You can read more about him and his new book at
I would be happy to give an introductory lecture and for time reasons to concentrate on depression, although it works for many other conditions too. I like being a GP but this is by far the most useful and fulfilling work that I do.
Nutrient therapy in the treatment of depression