BR-047 : The importance of getting out of the comfort zone: new experiences in different fields

Carolina Martins Moreira Serviço de Medicina Fisica e de Reabilitação - CHP, Porto, Portugal
Justification: Nowadays, with a crescent number of physicians, the importance of each one different experiences is increasing. Our clinical practice will reflect our background context and it will be valued the most, as more different experiences we reached. The capacity of adaptation is a requirement that makes the difference as new adventures and work experiences lead to new social tools, of utmost importance in our clinical practice. In my short career I’ve spent a month doing medical voluntarism is Cabinda, Angola in 2009 and recently I’ve done an internship in aerospace medicine UTMB-Nasa in July 2014. Those were two incredible experiences in complete opposite fields that in different ways changed my medical point of view and my clinical practice. Content: Doctors that had an experience in different fields or in extreme situations would tell what did and learned from it and how it changed the way they see their medical work. - Different medical approaches - Capacity of adaptation in different medical fields - Exchange of experiences
Keywords: adaptation, exchange, medical experiences