Cw19.3 The Role Of General Practitioner And Family Paediatrician

P. Manotti1, E. Gherardi2, D. Pini3, A.M. Davoli2
1 General Practitioner, Boretto, Italy
2 Family Paediatrician, Reggio Emilia, Italy
3 Family Paediatrician, Guastalla, Italy
Family Doctors (General Practitioners and Family Paediatricians) are considered a central professional figures in primary health care. The new organisation born in the last three years in local health authority of Reggio Emilia is based on “primary care groups” whit the mission of creating a first level integrated territorial network. We think that “Care path” for chronic diseases is the appropriate and rational reply to the increasing health needs of any age people. The role of General Practitioner and Family Paediatrician is not only to coordinate clinical assistance but also to manage the Primary Care Department. The objects of this speech are the experience of a Department Chief (General Practitioner) and a Family Paediatrician (whit clinical and organization tasks in local health authority) report about a “Care Path”: the ASTHMA- PRIMARY CARE PROJECT. This project is aimed at framing appropriate and rational “care paths” to be extended to the whole territory.
1. Updating diagnostic-therapeutic guidelines in use. 2. Defining deeper diagnostic-therapeutic lines and territorial follow-ups, that activate specialists owning a specific training in paediatric pneumology and allergology, such as family paediatricians and doctors from both A.U.S.L and hospitals. 3. Managing appropriately the needs for treatment expressed by the patient and his/her family, by reducing the recourse to centres of reference of other provinces and, above all, by stopping incorrect use of treatments. 4. Referring to the second level for a diagnostic improvement of patients suffering from severe or uncontrolled asthma.