Feedback On Lab-Results As A Mean For Improving Quality In General Practitioners Care (A Concrete Form Of The Quality Cycle)

Crooijmans M and Freriks JP.
Stichting Huisartsen Laboratorium. Breda {The Netherlands).
In order to improve the quality of family care the SHL-laboratory in Breda (NL) has appointed a consultant to assist GP-groups in developing 'feedback programs'. In this workshop men can learn about and experience a feedback meeting based on such a program. The major part of the general practitioners (GP) in the region of West-Brabant is affiliated with the SHL-lab. Because the laboratory obtains a lot of data concerning lab-requests, it has always sent annual reviews of these data to every individual GP as a mean of self reflection. To increase the impact of these figures the SHL-consultant has developed feedback programs to discuss these reviews in GP-groups. A GP-groups exists of about 6-8 GP's working in neighbouring locations. The programs are developed in such a way that in a meeting of about 60 minutes the GP's get insight in their own behaviour concerning lab-figures of a special subject (p.e. diabetes), answer questions like why are my figures and graphs like they are and compare reviews with each other.
Questions are being discussed and at the end of the session the group makes concrete agreements of how to improve their way of behaviour. In about a year the appointments are being evaluated.
·Because the feedback programs are based on individual figures and situations and are therefore not so distant and abstract, the impact of these meetings is very high. In 6 months time about 15 groups have asked for assistance. Feedback programs are already developed for the following subjects: Thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus type II, arthritis, cardiovascular risks, asthma & COPD and prostate disorders.
Feedback on lab-results as a mean for improving quality in general practitioners care (a concrete form of the quality cycle)