Id 1059 Analysis Of Risk Factors Of Premature Ischaemic Heart Detectable In Primary Care

Del Valle Peña D, Esnal Amundarain H, Soraluce Ibarra N, Viguria Martínez MB, Arrieta Bernaras M, González Moya A
Aim(s) or purpose: To determine the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with premature ischaemic heart.
Design and method: This is a descriptive and Multicentre study conducted at 7 Centres of Primary Care. Via the computer system established in Primary Care (Osabide) were collected the data of 227 patients diagnosed with premature ischaemic heart (ICD-9). The information of patients was collected through the medical records and by telephone. Inclusion criteria: Early ischaemic heart: women Results: Data were collected from 227 patients, 71.8 % were men and 26.4 % were women. Before the ischaemic event, only in 8.4 % of the cases was calculated and recorded the cardiovascular risk; 16.7 % of patients had a family history of ischaemic heart and 38.8 % were hypertensive. Before the event, 56.3 % of patients had recorded some analytical value on the lipid profile and half of patients had normal glucose level in analytic. 45.4 % were smokers, not recorded sedentary habits in 56.8 % of the patients, the consumption of alcohol in 38.3 %, cocaine in 82.4 % and cannabis in 80.6 % of the cases. 24.8 % of patients were taking antihypertensive treatment and 17.3 % were taking lipid-lowering therapy. After ischaemic event, exception for cases already identified, 4.0 % of patients had a family history of ischaemic heart and not recorded in 59.9 % of patients. Hypertension was diagnosed in 26.0 % of patients and dyslipidaemia in 33,0 % of patients. 3.1 % were smokers, not recorded consumption of cocaine in 78.4 % of the patients nor cannabis in 78.9 % of the cases.
Conclusions: Most risk factors associated with ischaemic heart are not included in the medical record of patients (computer system and/or paper). Risk factors that fewer are recorded before and after the ischaemic event are: family history (63.9 % before the event and 59.9 % after the event) and drugs consumption.
ID 1059
Analysis of risk factors of premature ischaemic heart detectable in primary care