Id 1177 Awareness Of The Problem Of Hypertension In Pregnant Women Among Family Physicians

Jaczewska-Matyjaszczyk J, Gawlowska J, Zebrowska O, Moskot-Rakoczy A, Matyjaszczyk M
Aim(s) or purpose: Hypertension is one of the most common medical problems and it is steadily increasing over last few years. It is concerning not only bigger amount of people but starting to occur in younger age affecting as well the population of pregnant women. It is assessed that between 1 to 10 % of pregnancies is complicated by hypertension. The main aim of our study was to find out what is the level of awareness of this problem as well as knowledge about hypertension during pregnancy among family physicians in Poland (especially in Lodz voivodship).
Design and method: This was a questionnaire-based study. Specially prepared questionnaires were distributed among family physicians. In this questionnaire we asked about their knowledge about hypertension during pregnancy, sources of that knowledge, as well as practical implementation of it and awareness of the problem.
Results: There is insufficient knowledge about problem of hypertension during pregnancy among primary care doctors.
Conclusions: The increasing hypertension problem during pregnancy is requiring higher level of knowledge among family physicians. There is a key role of family physicians in diagnosing and treating hypertension which gives a good opportunity for early diagnosing and proper treatment of hypertension during pregnancy along with early identification of possible complications.
ID 1177
Awareness of the problem of hypertension in pregnant women among family physicians