Id 1262 Physical Activity Habits Of Physicians Of The Medical Council Of Catalonia: A Regional Survey

Aranda García S, Pardo A, Mitjans A, Camps B, Violàn M
Aim(s) or purpose: Previous studies in Catalonia focused on physicians’ counselling barriers and attitudes towards PA. However, PA-habits of physicians have not been explored. To describe information about physicians’ PA-habits and other health related variables focused on medical specializations.
Design and method: 2,400 physicians of the Medical Council of Catalonia received a self-administrated questionnaire. It included questions concerning medical specialization, work setting, health self-perception, BMI, smoking and PA-habits. Descriptive statistical analysis was conducted.
Results: 31.7 % (n = 762, 44.8 yr) responded. 67.7 % reported a medical specialization. The most prevalent were family medicine (14.6 %), paediatrics (4.5 %), internal medicine (3.9 %), and anaesthesiology/resuscitation (2.8 %). Working in private medicine or primary care showed the highest PA-level. 94.1 % physicians reported a good health self-perception, and 80.6 % reported no smoking. 56.6 % of men were overweight/obese, compared to 18.2 % of women. 52.7 % of physicians met the global recommended PA guidelines. The most common form of PA was walking, swimming and cycling. No significant differences between PA-level and gender or smoking habit were found. Family doctors reported slightly lower PA level (227 min/week) than internists but higher than paediatrician (208min/week) and geriatrics doctors (67min/week). . Paediatricians and obstetricians presented the healthiest weight versus the 5.4 % of obesity in family doctors. Within family doctors, PA-level tends to increase with age. The youngest (Conclusions: Nearly all physicians from the Medical Council of Catalonia reported a good health and very little smoking but they failed in PA-habit. Although it is assumed that physicians know the benefits of PA and a healthy weight, only around a half exercise enough to meet the global PA recommendations and over a half of the men physicians were overweight/obese. Family doctors as counsellors should be exercise role models to the general population. Nevertheless our results showed lower PA-levels in the youngest.
ID 1262
Physical activity habits of physicians of the Medical Council of Catalonia: a regional survey