Id 1272 Expectations And Realities Of Women About Early Detection And Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

Pendón Fernández S, Rico Azuaga MJ, Ortiz Núñez M, Sánchez Miguel C, López Hernández P, Muñoz MM
Aim(s) or purpose: Expectations and knowledge of women attending and not attending the early diagnostic consultation is consistent with the recommendations of internationally accepted control Study the differences between the expectations of women in the query followed early diagnosis of cervical cancer in primary care and not followed in this consultation.
Design and method: Transversal Descriptive Study. We will study the expectations of 150 women between 20 and 65 years attending and not attending an urban health centre included within the consultation early diagnosis of cervical cancer, checking if they conform to accepted control International recommendations. Processing will be carried out and study them by creating a database using SPSS.
ID 1272
Expectations and realities of women about early detection and prevention of cervical cancer