Id 1290 Estimating Prevalence Of Treated Schizophrenia In Mental Health And Primary Care Levels, In Málaga (Resma-Ap Study)

Moreno Küstner B, Navas Campaña D, Mayoral F, Angona P, García Herrera JM, Montes M
Aim(s) or purpose: This presentation sets out the rationale of the Schizophrenia and General Practice Study in Málaga (RESMA-AP), and the research design used. Our main aim was to provide reliable estimates of one year prevalence rates of schizophrenia disorders and to identify patients with schizophrenia diagnoses attended in mental health and/or general practice setting.
Design and method: This cross-sectional study was carried out in Mental Health Department of Carlos Haya, which covers a geographically defined area (346,504 inhabitants) and comprises a range of mental health services: two community mental centres, one day centre, one general-hospital psychiatric unit (with 45 beds), one medium and long-stay ward, one children and adolescent units and 14 primary care centres. Cases were defined as patient with a clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia and related disorder (codes F20-F29 of ICD-10) in contact with services during 2008. Identification of cases was in two levels: (i) in primary care setting we used clinical records and antipsychotic databases. In all possible cases schizophrenia diagnoses were confirmed by psychiatrists at mental health level. Those patients without contact with psychiatrist were confirmed the diagnoses using a standardized clinical interview for mental health disorders: SC
ID; (ii) in mental health level, a census of all individuals with a clinical diagnosis of schizophrenia and related disorder will be included in the study.
Results: One year prevalence rates of schizophrenia and relate disorders will be our main results. Secondary, we will identify the group of patients with schizophrenia who are treated for his mental illness only in primary care.
Conclusions: In conclusion, our study will inform us about the coordination between primary and mental health level in our study area.
ID 1290
Estimating prevalence of treated schizophrenia in mental health and primary care levels, in Málaga (RESMA-AP study)