Id 1385 A Short Term Effect Of Educational Campaign About The Rational Antibiotic Use

Radoševi N, Popovi B, Mareni S, Vlahovi-Palevski V
Aim(s) or purpose: To assess the impact of a public campaign about rational use of antibiotics by perceiving the alterations in patients´ attitudes towards antibiotics reviewed prior and following the campaign.
Design and method: The public campaign about the rational antibiotic use and treatment of mild upper respiratory tract infections was conducted among the population in Primorsko-Goranska county during February 2009 through daily newspapers, radio and TV spots and programmes, handouts for patients, posters and organised lectures. Before the campaign anonymous questionnaires were dispensed to patients in primary care, who visited pharmacies and general practitioners. The questions concerned patients´ attitudes and knowledge on antibiotics, their expectations from physicians regarding antibiotic prescribing and awareness of the risks associated with the over consumption and misuse of antibiotics. After the end of the campaign, another questionnaire was presented to the patients in the primary care. They were asked the same questions as they were before the campaign, with additional questions on the impact of the campaign.
Results: A total of 461 questionnaires were filled in before the campaign, and 345 patients completed the questionnaire after the campaign. About 2/3 of the respondents (62 %) were informed about the campaign, mostly through TV spots (56 %) and posters (43 %). A significant difference was noted in responses concerning the appropriateness of taking antibiotics for typical viral symptoms (sore throat, fever, cold, flue). Responses about appropriateness of self-medication with antibiotics varied depending on different daily-life situations. The level of knowledge about proper antibiotic use did not vary significantly before and after the campaign.
Conclusions: A short term effect of educational campaign about the rational antibiotic use was a considerable impact on public awareness of inappropriate antibiotic usage for viral infections. Continuous patient education is an important measure in decreasing unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.
ID 1385
A short term effect of educational campaign about the rational antibiotic use