Id 1396 The Unapparent Death. The Record In The History Of The Suicidal Patient

González Almendros E, Corredera Guillén Á, Becerra Mayor V
Aim(s) or purpose: To describe the register of variables related to suicide in the computerized medical history for Primary Care (Diraya®) in patients died by suicide.
Design and method: Transversal descriptive survey. Geographical scope: province of Málaga in 2008. 118 of 137 cases of suicide were evaluated. 19 patients had no history (16.01 %), 12 cases (10.25 %) just had administrative data (100 % males, median age 54.2, range 27-92).
Results: 97 analysed patients were males (82.2 %), median age 56.08 (range 14-95). 63.51 % of the patients were seen one month before death by the EBAP. The often reason for consultation was: 65 patients of administrative demands, 55.1 % (majority of medication). There is a 31.13 % of history of symptomatic organic heart. neurodegenerative or neoplastic disease. Cancer was diagnosed in 9 cases (8.4 %, 22.2 % females), median age of these patients were 73 years old (range 53- 95). Mental illness was diagnosed in 51.8 % of cases. 29 of depression (27.3 % of all), 7 of psychosis (6.6 %), 14 cases of alcoholism (13.2 %). Drugs intake in 8 cases (7.54 % of all ). 58 patients (54.7 %) had active medication with psychopharmacological treatment; IRSS was the most often in 27 patients (24.5 %), 13 patients (12.2 %) were receiving treatment with antipsychotics. Previous suicide attempts in 15.9 %. Mental health team is affected in the 27.3 % of all cases.
Conclusions: Exist a very small number of cases in teenagers. In overall there is not any medical record and clinical data in one out of four patients. Over half patients consulted EBAP one month before death, medication renewal was the most common record. Depression was oftenest mental illness in the medical records.
ID 1396
The unapparent death. The record in the history of the suicidal patient