Id 305 The Burnout Syndrome In Belgrade Primary Care Practitioner Population

Djuricic D, Pantic I, Vujicic V
Serbia and Montenegro
Aim(s) or purpose: To estimate the presence and the level of the burnout syndrome intensity among primary care medical practitioners in Belgrade.
Design and method: The survey instrument of an individual, anonymous, self-report questionnaire for burnout syndrome assessment. Total of 150 primary care medical practitioners (general practitioners, gynaecologists and paediatricians) met the criteria for study inclusion, agreed to participate and complete the survey.
Results: In total, 12 % of the participants met the criteria for burnout and 73,5 % had the elevated risk and was candidates for the development of burnout syndrome. Only 14.5 % of the practitioners did not show the signs of the syndrome.
Conclusions: Our study suggests that the prevalence of burnout syndrome among Belgrade primary care practitioners is much higher than the prevalence reported at the international level. This indicates that professional burnout may become a serious challenge in establishing a functional and effective primary care system in Serbia in the future. However, additional research is needed to identify individual, organizational and social factors in burnout syndrome development and prevention.
ID 305
The burnout syndrome in Belgrade primary care practitioner population