Id 409 Lets Know How The Elderly Are. Patient Profile With 90 Or More Years Old

Hazañas Ruiz S, Vargas-Machuca Benítez A, Canalejo Echeverría A, Pérez Ortega J, Muñoz Pradilla V, Pérez Lagos J
Aim(s) or purpose: Describe the profile of people 90 and over attended in a Family Centre of Malaga, Spain.
Design and method: Design: Observational, cross descriptive. Population: Persons aged 90 or older. Entire population (N?= 112). Analysis: Using the SPSS statistical package will be descriptive study of variables, using bivariate Chi 2. Variables: age, sex, functional ability (Barthel Index) chronic diseases (Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, hypertension, dyslipidaemia), osteoarticular diseases, neurological diseases, geriatric syndromes (incontinence, pressure ulcers, dementia, falls) auditory-visual deficit polypharmacy, inappropriate drug (Beers criteria), psychotropic drugs unsafe.
Results: Univariate: the average age of our patients is 94 years, mostly women (72 %), 49 % smoker. The prevalence of disease in this age is: 16 % dyslipidaemia, 57 % hypertension, 25 % diabetes mellitus, neurological disease 23 %, 53 % knee arthritis, osteoarthritis, spine and hip fractures 61 % 65 % auditory-visual deficit 43 %, geriatric syndrome 60 %, 55 % poly, 68 % inappropriate drugs, psychotropic drugs 39 % unsafe. Functional capacity (26 % Not rated, 27 % independent, dependent 26 % mild, 15 % dependent moderate severe, 6 % dependent total).Bivariate: Polypharmacy patients (p = 0.03) and / or geriatric syndrome (p = 0.014) have a worse functional capacity.
Conclusions: 1.The profile of those over 90 years of our core area corresponds to a woman with an independent functional capacity, under polypharmacy, and psychotropic drugs unsafe. There is a high % of nonagenarians who has no functional capacity recorded in their clinical records this could be because they are independent. 2. The high percentage of inappropriate drugs and psychotropic drugs in this age makes it desirable to review the drug treatments they take, often prescribed by different doctors. In this sense, the MF plays an important role.
ID 409
Lets know how the elderly are. Patient profile with 90 or more years old