Id 570 Evaluation Of A Coordination And Follow-Up Tool For The Care Of The Elderly

Mercier P, Soulary JC
Aim(s) or purpose: Context: The Health Professionals Group of the Beaunois Country (GPSPB) is a territorial network of health covering a population of 65 000 inhabitants. One of the objectives of the network is to improve the care coordination of the elderly living at home. For this, health professional multi-field team designed a tool for coordination. This tool is a file that gathers the necessary information for the follow-up of the patient in residence. Used on the territory since 2004, it is voted by plebiscite by the professionals who had to use it but it is still badly known. In 2009, a GPSPB’s audit highlighted these items. Objectives: To evaluate the advantage of this tool for coordination, as well for the health professionals as for the patients or their family and to know how they were informed of it.
Design and method: Method: Exploitation of questionnaires sent to the health professionals and to the patients’ users or having used the tool. Analyses of semi-directing talks near a sample of professionals, patients or users families or having used the sorter.
Results: We do not have yet the results, the questionnaires having been sent mid-January 2010 and the talks will begin in February.
Conclusions: This study should make it possible the GPSPB to still improve this tool of coordination already greeted by the professionals and to ensure a better diffusion of it the population concerned.
ID 570
Evaluation of a coordination and follow-up tool for the care of the elderly